Digital Asset Deposits
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Connect with 250+ Centralized Exchanges and Self-Custody Wallets


Enable your customers to connect their centralized exchanges with just a username & password, and their self-custody wallets with a seamless mobile app or browser extension confirmation. No more leaving to copy and paste secret keys or whitelabeling API keys.

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Transfer On-Chain Without Triggering a Sale


Customers can initiate on-chain transfers to fund their wallet in your app without leaving your app and without triggering a sale.

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Bank-Level Security


Front is a comprehensive, trusted, secure, and SOC II compliant solution whose team has decades of experience in auth and identity management. We follow the Zero Trust security model, a pass-through architecture model, industry-best token management practices, cloud best practices, and undergo regular penetration testing. You own your user’s data. Front will never aggregate and sell your data.