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Front Announces New Integration with Nasdaq to Provide Front Clients with Top-Tier Financial Data and Metrics

Front and Nasdaq PR
New data feed contains descriptive information and precalculated ratios for over 7,000 actively-traded US equities.

San Francisco, CA. September 2022Front, a company offering emerging FinTechs real-time access to investment portfolios and hassle-free crypto transfers across exchanges, has announced a partnership with Nasdaq. Nasdaq is known as a leader in innovative technology that is fueled by market-moving insights.


The San Francisco-based API provider offers integrations from 250+ financial institutions worldwide, and will use the technology and data provided through its partnership with Nasdaq for data insights and strategic tools. The new data feed provides daily electronic data and printed research reports from more than 185 US and Canadian brokerage firms. The enhanced data is produced by more than 2,600 analysts amounting to over 500,000 pages of brokerage research.


          “We offer a growing network of integrations to compliment an already robust system of first-rate insights. Front is bringing a modern edge with real-time access to assets and balances visualization across multiple accounts” said Bam Azizi, CEO & Co-Founder at Front. “We want to bring democratization to financial services a step forward by offering our already successful APIs entry points to other emerging financial companies with the help of great partners like Nasdaq.” 


Through the Nasdaq partnership, Front can provide its clients more sophisticated solutions. The Front API, which currently powers the Front app, brings consumers and companies vast and instant access to financial information, focusing on global integration with broker-dealers, crypto exchanges, and digital asset wallets to deliver customized insights like the portfolio Front Score and a health measurement of aggregated assets.

In addition, Front helps wealth managers to see the greater picture of portfolio exposure to different asset classes. This allows clients to build a comprehensive portfolio aligned with their risk profile and long-term financial goals.


          “Wealth creation is an uneven playing field, and FinTechs lack access to the tools and insights that help their users invest strategically and efficiently,” said Adam Israel, COO & co-founder at Front. “That is, until Front. Our APIs allow FinTechs access to over 250 integrations, crypto asset transfer, and account aggregation while providing insightful user data. Our proprietary technology can empower companies worldwide to benefit from a streamlined FinTech service that is built for DeFi.”

About Front Financial, Inc.

Front is an API service provider that offers real-time access to brokerages and crypto accounts, facilitates customers to easily transfer crypto across exchanges and wallets, and a detailed view of crucial data to emerging FinTechs and other financial companies. Front allows businesses to connect 250+ brokerage accounts, crypto wallets, NFTs, and private markets, and offers a way to leverage user account data to track net worth, and more.


Front integrates with most international crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and FTX, which enables global adaptation of the Front API. Front can use this opportunity to deliver a better product and integration for emerging FinTechs to give customers access to Write/Transfer modern assets like Crypto and NFTs. 


The Front API has demonstrated its value by powering the Front App, which allows thousands of users to effortlessly track the value of their accounts on Robinhood, Coinbase, TD Ameritrade, and other brokers, with hundreds of millions of dollars in connected assets.

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